AimPoint Express Green Reading

Dónal teaches AimPoint Express over two sessions.

Session 1: Learn the AimPoint Express process and fundamentals as well as what exercises and drills to train at home.
Session 2: This is a follow up session where Dónal will answer any questions you have, after a period of practice and you have implemented the process into your game. He will also introduce you to some advanced reads, such as double breakers .

Following your purchase Dónal will be in touch to arrange a date and time for your first session.

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Dónal is very proud to be a level 3 Accredited AimPoint Instructor. Aimpoint Express is a revolutionary green-reading method designed by Mark Sweeney that is based on the highly accurate, Emmy Award winning AimPoint Technology seen originally on the Golf Channel.

Learning the Aimpoint Express Green Reading method will allow you to accurately predict the amount of break on any putt you will face. You will learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the start direction and precise amount of break for any putt.

Whether you’re a professional golfer, caddie or amateur golfer, AimPoint Express Green Reading will help transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which has historically been difficult to teach – exactly where to aim on any breaking putt.

AimPoint Express Green Reading

One Session, Three Sessions

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