Online Coaching & Support

What is Online Coaching & Support?

In the modern world we live in face to face time with players can be difficult due to a number of reasons, heavy tournament schedules, family and travel commitments not to mention pandemics.


The OCS programme is not meant to replace having face to face time with players but support and enhance that work.


It also makes it possible for me to work with players in situations/times of the season where face to face sessions may not be possible.

Consistent help

I don’t believe just looking at a player’s technique and offering a critique is enough to effect a long term and lasting positive change in performance.

Regular contact

The most effective coaching in my experience has come through regular conversations, developing a clear understanding of what a player’s aspirations are and how they work best.


Progress is made by having the space and time to regularly reflect together after periods of training and competitive play.

Add ons

I offer a full range of coaching and support options. These include training plans, performance design blueprints, performance and training reflections, performance analysis and technical analysis and feedback.

Training Plans based on analysis & feedback

Design training environments:

  • That support Technical, Skills and Performance Goals
  • Which help players prepare for the demands of upcoming tournaments
  • That meet the player’s individual challenge point

Performance data analysis & feedback

Provide feedback and establish benchmarks for training and performance based on goals and targets:

  • Establish current performance standard
  • Establish desired performance standard in line with goals and targets
  • Create roadmap from here to there

Tournament Blueprints

Develop tournament Blueprints:

  • Preparation plan – Specific training plans to meet course demands
  • Performance targets – Develop round goals designed to help meet overall performance goals
  • Process goals – Processes that are aligned with specific tournament challenges and overall goals

Performance Reflections

Tournament reflections:

  • Identify what led to successful outcomes
  • Identify opportunities for progress
  • Use the reflections to adapt and upgrade training plans
  • Upgrade upcoming tournament goals if necessary

Zoom video calls

Video communication is used for:

  • Training/technical discussions
  • Performance plans and debriefs
  • Training and Performance planning
  • Establishing values and principles


Coachnow app is used for:

  • Coachnow is our training space
  • All the notes, plans and videos are loaded into the space and available at anytime
  • Upload data from coaching technologies (SAM, Capto, 3D etc)
  • Technical video analysis and feedback available through the coachnow app

Performance analysis programmes

While I recommend (a free account comes as part of the programme) and/or Any performance analysis site can be used. We will analyse the round data and use that to support decisions on training plans and tournament blueprints/targets

Interested in Online Coaching?

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